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Moo’s is currently closed for August but that doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing… far from it….
I’m currently volunteering at ODA in Cambodia


Marty in Cambodia August 2015

Marty in Cambodia August 2015

Opportunities of development thru Art is a grass roots NGO established by Leng Touch in 2003. He & his wife, SryOn’s objective is to offer a safe environment with the basic necessities of life, to disadvantaged children who have no one, or no one able to care for them. read more

Leng started this Education NGO (Non Government Organisation) 11 years ago to support children to better opportunities for their future. Too many children – even today – cannot afford an education. Many things, like malnutrition and not being able to buy a uniform, stops them attending school.
Leng’s Aunt and Uncle knew his father had been killed by Khmer Rouge so after the war they set about finding Leng. He knows that without this, he would have grown up scavenging on the street, like so many children still even have to do today. As an adult he befriended 5 starving street boys and decided he must do for them what his Uncle & Aunt had done for him – so the beginnings of ODA started to roll out.

I’ve also attached ODA’s most recent newsletter (August 2015) here: ODA Cambodia August15 Newsletter

Fathers Day


Moo’s reopens on Friday 4th of September.

Don’t forget to book for Father’s Day on Sunday the 6th of September.

And our Cuban Around the World Dinner is on Friday 18th of September.

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